Norwegian Forest Cat kittens for Sale - they will be old enough to leave home June 13th, 2021. See photos on page for Alma and kittens -->

Here is an explanation of the other three pages, in English:

Page 1, called "Min forside", introduces the kittens and gives information about their pedigree. Their grandfather, Tingoskattens Pepsi, has been judged to be a Supreme Champion in show, and their mother, Alma, and grandmother, Alva, are just two of the loveliest cats ever, in our unbiased opinion. The colour codes are given according to the Norwegian Forest Cat Association and can be explained via mail or telephone if desired. But the pictures should show them clearly.

Important information: The kittens cannot leave home according to law until they are 12 weeks old. They will at that time be registererd in the international cat breed register and have a certificate saying so (a "stamtavle"), and they will have received the recommended vaccines, de-worming treatments, have a fresh health certificate by a certified veterinarian, and will have an identification chip.

The contact information for the new kittens is Annika Edenholm-Serck: or mobil: +46 0706868426. They live in Arvika.

The second page on this site shows miscellaneous pictures to give a fuller impression of the daily lives of Alma as a kitten, and their grandmother, Alva.

The third page shows some cute videos. There are also a few videos of them as younger kittens on the homepage (Page 1).

The fourth page shows Alma and her kittens. These adorable creatures will be ready to leave home on June 13th, 2021. Contact Annika if you want one and feel able to give it a wonderful home. 


Owner of Alva, Amy Dale

Our story

After we bought our first Norwegian Forest Cat 30 years ago, there has never been any other kind of cat for us! The Forest Cat’s natural beauty and lovely personality is unsurpassed in our experience. After our last dear Forest Cat Hansel (av Moltemyr) died at the ripe old age of 17, it took us over a year to find another of the same brown colour (brown tabby or tiger brown) which we love so much. When we found Alva av Røykenvik- daughter of Selja av Moltemyr - we decided that we wanted to breed her once so that we could contribute to this very special line of Forest Cats before she would be sterilized. (We live on a small holding where it is important to have a cat also in the outside environment, so longterm breeding is unfortunately not something for us). We found a beautiful brown Sire to pair Alva with, Tingoskattens Pepsi, and they have produced 6 gorgeous kittens. We hope that all six will find wonderful homes, and it would please us enormously if anyone chose to continue this special line of Forest Cats either by using one of the kittens eventually in breeding, or by having one litter before sterilization, as we have done. We cannot imagine any finer pet in the world than a Norwegian Forest Cat! 😊